.rooms projects

dreams into reality

.rooms enables an immersive kitchen and home furniture design experience through innovative mixed reality technology

Facilitated planning

The shared mixed reality setting greatly facilitates collaboration on the customer’s design ideas by overcoming the imagination gap and reducing explanation efforts.

Unique design context

The life-sized holograms integrate with the surroundings in real-time, providing a highly immersive experience with moments you can grasp and feel.

Contextual and personal

Mixed reality ensures staying present within the real environment. This allows for test driving the design and facilitates context-based decisions, thus increasing customers‘ confidence.

Easy to use

The consistent multi-platform application provides easy-to-use and intuitive handling for the sales representative, as well as the customer as a one-time user.

Experience .rooms

Advancing mixed reality into people’s homes

Developing on the innovation edge of mixed reality

  • Collaboration and interaction between multiple users and devices
  • Smooth handling on HoloLens 2, yet XR device-agnostic software
  • Available via cloud (Azure) or offline usage

Opening up mixed reality´s practical use to a wide audience

  • Over 5000+ people have experienced mixed reality through .rooms
  • Daily usage for designing kitchens and home furnishing collaboratively
  • Added-value through revenue increase, as well as higher customer satisfaction


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