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Open positions

Why work here?

  • Rich variety of tasks in a team with experienced software developers


  • Scrum oriented way of working to empower self-organized employees 

  • An environment that promotes personal development

  • Hybrid way of working, with flexible home office hours

  • Team activities like game night, group challenges, or communal breakfasts


  • Modern office with waterfront location and panoramic view

  • Supported Urban Sports Club membership 

No jobs listed for you?

We welcome open applications. Simply describe your areas of interest, how you want to apply yourself and why you see Island Labs as a good fit along with your CV to

Onboarding Timeline


Once you have received personal feedback from your manager and signed the contract, we have already started preparing for you. A few weeks before you officially join Island Labs, your onboarding buddy will get in touch with you to provide an orientation on what to expect in your first days.  

First Day

Excited to meet you in person we focus on getting to know you and introducing the team. Once you have received an office tour it is time to get your IT equipment up and running. 

First Weeks

There are several onboarding activities like a welcome breakfast, organizational and technical onboarding meetings lined up to provide you with context. Nevertheless, the emphasis lies on a practical onboarding approach with e.g. pair programming, shadowing, as well as educational yet relevant tasks waiting for you. Your onboarding buddy will accompany you through the process as a first contact for any questions. 

Probation Period

You are part of the team! Thus, your opinion and what you bring to the table is valued from day one as an equal. As part of the .rooms onboarding you will gain first-hand experience of our product by shadowing a sales rep on a kitchen sales meeting. There are several touchpoints with your manager to ensure that you have a good time at Island Labs and to foster a growing understanding of what you need to be effective.